Galaxy Fraulein Yuna
Galaxy Fraulein Yuna Vol. 2
-- by Peter Cahill

Sometimes guys don't understand why some girls don't like to be called cute. It should be flattering, right? If you see GALAXY FRAULEIN 2 you can't help but use the word cute, and that association should give guys an idea as to why some women may interpret "cute" in a less than flattering way.
  The story is all fluff. It's predictable but funny, with a certain charm that comes with the genre of cute little girls with powerful weapons. As with other members of this genre, GALAXY FRAULEIN doesn't take itself at all seriously and carries just enough plot to serve its purpose: to show pretty young girls in pretty armor doing silly (but pretty) things to make us laugh.
  There isn't much new here, the characters are basically stock. Yuna is the powerful but flaky one who can't stay serious for more than 3 consecutive seconds. She is falsely accused of the villain's crimes. Yuri,
the robot, eats enough to make horses nervous and ends all her sentences with "desu." You don't need to speak Japanese to know that's not normal. Misaki is the diligent cop who is duped into helping the villain frame Yuna. She does, of course, help rescue Yuna in the end, very nearly sacrificing herself to save the girl she wronged. Fraulein D is the villain who is, predictably, trounced by Yuna with the help of close to every other character in the show.
  The animation is very good, and that's important for a show like this. Everything looks crisp, clean, and colorful. The girls are all bouncy, the ships are sleek, and everyone has their own distinctive hair color for easy identification. The wild takes are somewhat restrained and there isn't too much super-deforming, but there's a lot of falling over and other embarrassed reactions to punch lines.
  The whole thing moves very quickly, almost too fast. It seems to be paced so purposely, but at times I wanted to go back and see something again. And because I was reading the subtitles, sometimes I had to.
  All in all it was a slick, funny show. Definitely light stuff; there's no drama or human condition, no deep messages here. It's just fun, laughs, and action. Watching GALAXY FRAULEIN is mostly eye candy. It's not for everyone, though. My roommates would've become violently ill if I'd shown them this tape, since they have a low tolerance for cute.
  So if you like giggly, adolescent heroines who squeak in fifteen year old voices while leveling cities... If you saw ICZELION and said to yourself, "That was fun, but I wish it hadn't been so serious..." then you'll love GALAXY FRAULEIN YUNA2. But if you want more than skirts, big hair, and ribbons for entertainment you may want to avoid this piece of fluff and go for something heavier.