Ranma Videos - Teil IV

Titel OAV-Titel erschienen:in Japan
[Picture]Desperately Seeking Shampoo- "Curse of the contrary Jewel"
-" Tendo Family Christmas Scramble"
Dez. 1993 Japan-OAV Nr. 1+2
[Picture]Like Water for Ranma- "Akane vs. Ranma! I'll be the one to inherit Mother's Recipes!"
-"Stormy Weather comes to School! Growing Up with Miss Hinako"
Juni 1994 Japan-OAV Nr. 3+4
[Picture]Akane and her Sisters- "The one to carry on"
-Teil I + II
Nov. 1994 Japan-OAV Nr. 5+6
[Picture]An Akane to remember- "An Akane to remember"
-Teil I + II
Juli 1995 Japan-OAV Nr. 7+8
[Picture]One grew over the Kuno's Nest- "Team Ranma vs. The legendary Phoenix"
-"Oh, cursed Tunnel of lost Love! Let my Love be forever!"
Feb. 96 Japan-Movie Nr.3 und
OAV Nr. 9
[Picture]Faster, Kasumi! Kill! Kill!- "Hell hath no Fury like Kasumi scorned!"
-"The two Akanes, 'Ranma, look at me!' "
Juni 1996 Japan-OAV Nr. 10+11