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Since the 7th October 2000 the german TV-station "SAT 1" is showing the CHF-series, with the title: "Cutey Honey". The german dub is very good, they use all the japanese names and so far there wasn't any cuts.
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At the 8.2.97, the last episode of Sailormoon ran in the Japanese television. The chapter of Sailormoon is finished on TV... Finished? Not completely! There is "Cutey Honey Flash "! This TV-series is the succession-series of Sailormoon and ran at the 15.2.97 for the first time. It is about a girl with long blond hair, that is a schoolgirl in the normal life and changes with a certain saying into a fighter for the good. No, no, it isn't about Usagi Tsukino but about Honey Kisaragi!

Cutey x2

She is that schoolgirl and where Sailormoon has stopped fights on. Not only the story, also the animation of the persons and the backgrounds reminds strongly of the predecessor-series. That's because of a big part of the production-team of Sailormoon is responsible also for the successor " Cutey Honey F ".

 The series is based on Go Nagais cult-series "Cutey Honey ". There was a TV-series in 1973/1974 and in the years 1994/1995 altogether eight Cutey-Honey-OVAs. While the TV-series and the OVAs are meant for a not so young public, Cutey Honey F is shojo-like very much and has a clearly younger target group. Nevertheless, much of the old series is gotten remained. Cutey Honey looks like previously, only just in a younger version. The strange grandpa also appears and there are these monsters in the Go-Nagai-Stil. I can describe the style badly, but the monsters look like within the Cutey-Honey-OVAs. (In consideration of the young target group somewhat surprising.)

Another correspondence and an especially successful " running gag " is that Honey can change into any persons, which is virtually always a different versions of her (for example " Hurricane-Honey " = Honey as motorcyclist). She changes in each TV-episode several times and lists these transformations before the enemies then, before she finally transforms into "Cutey Honey" through the saying " Honey Flash "! Here are some examples from the first episodes:

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(Comment: I know the Cutey Honey Flash-episodes only as copies from the Japanese television without subtitles. Lack of good Japanese-knowledge, the information on this Webpages is therefore partial speculations. As soon as I get more exact information to certain areas, these pages are altered accordingly.)

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