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Here are some info to the series that has found no place on the other sides or which are from importance maybe.
It is also tried to find a certain temporal sequence. Missing exact data is supplied later if possible.
The enumeration is of course not completely and a guarantee for the correctness of the statements isn't available as well. But it should be correct to 99% :-)

In the time of the 13.10.73 to 30.3.74, the Anime-TV-series " Cutey Honey " runs on Japanese television (termins: Saturday about 8.30 p.m.) By many people the series is called the first " Magical-Girl"-series. It's about the android Honey who can transform herself into any persons and fights against the evil. The series was not thought incidentally for children :-)

The first four OVA of the row " Shin Cutie Honey " (=New Cutey Honey) appears in Japan.
(Comment: In a text, one declares, that that should already have appeared in 1993.)

In the USA, the first " New Cutey Honey"-Video is released by A.D.Vision (= OVA 1+2).

The second Cutey Honey-Video comes in the USA on the market (= OVA 3+4).

Four more Cutey Honey-OVAs appear in Japan.
Furthermore there are hints for it that TOEI has produced two more OVA (No. 9 and 10), which hasn't however published yet, perhaps because of unexpectedly badly sale-paying of the " Shin Cutie Honey"-series. There are rumours that the two OVAs should be released on a video in the USA. Hmm, it would be the first time that jap. OVAs appears only in the USA and not in Japan... I don't believe it.

The third video appears in the USA (= OVA 5+6).

With the fourth video, the publication of the OVA-series is finished by A.D.Vision (=OVA 7+8).

end of 1996/begin of 1997 (?):
In the Anime-newsgroups are rumors about the successor of the Sailormoon-series. It should be a TV-series about Cutey Honey, which causes lack of understanding , since both the original TV-series as well as the OVAs don't support the Sailormoon-target group but adults. It turned out however, that it is about Cutey Honey in " shojo-style ".

15.02.97 (Saturday), 7 p.m.:
A week after the 200. and last episode of Sailormoon on TV Asahi the first CHF-episode is shown.

Middle of March 1997:
In the April-edition of the jap. Anime-magazine " Newtype ", the first big article appears to the new CHF-Serie (p. 94/95). One should say appears first... Because normally in the Newtype TV-series are announced with corresponding articles before the start...
After all, more picture-articles about CHF appear in the May -, June - and July-edition of the Newtype.

May 1997.
In the edition Nr.5, Vol. 5 of the US-Anime-magazine " Animerica ", there are some commentaries to the new CHF-Serie (p. 63):
" Cutey Honey Flash - Based on Cutey Honey by Go Nagai (Devilman); genre: Girl Superhero - On-Air in Japan - Saturdays 7:00 on TV Asahi in the Tokyo area "
Commentary of " May Anime ":
"It's very, very Sailormoon, right down to the character designs, but so far the plot hasn't tried to go for that worlds-spanning, timeless romance scope. Instead, the focus is small scale -- young Honey learning to use her powers, kind of like Superboy. Super fluffy, but real fun, especially given all the weird transformations she's trotted out only in the first four episodes. There's also a handsome young man who I think will be the love interest later... hmm, not bad."

June 1997:
The first graphic novel of the Manga-series " Cutey Honey F " appears.
Drawer: Yukako Iisaka
Publishing house: Flower comics
Price: 410 yens, ISBN,: 4-09-137181-7
Before it appeared in the Manga-magazine "Ciao!".

The first Cutey Honey Flash-CD appears. Titles: " Cutey Honey F - Song Collection "
Number: COCC-14281, price,: 2854 yens
It is 10 songs with together 38 min and 46 sec.

Summer 1997:
Also a CHF-Movie is under the numerous Anime-movies of this summer. There are not more exact info in contrast to the other Movies. [New: Information about the Movie! ]
This is an advertising-picture for the film: title_honey.jpg - 9,77 K

In the jap. radio program " Anime express " is Nagano Ai as a visitor, the synchronous-speaker (seiyuu) from Honey.
Cut out from Hitoshi Doi's protocol:

> The guest was Nagano Ai, who debuted as a seiyuu in Cutey Honey Flash,
> as Cutey Honey.
> Q: Do you remember the original Cutey Honey?
> Ai: It was aired one year before I was born, but I saw the reruns.
> Tomo said she remembered that the transformation scene was naked, but
> the current Cutey Honey Flash is not as ecchi.
> 3 [boom!] Tomo asked her to say something ecchi in the voice of Cutey
> Honey.
> Ai: Honey flash! Aa dame.. Sonna koto shicha iyan..
> The Cutey Honey Flash song collection will go on sale 6/21. Honey sang
> one song on it.
> Then they played "Ashita no Door" by Kisaragi Honey.

The Cutey Honey Flash-CD "Music Collection" comes to the market. No.: COCC-14366, price: 2854 yens
Furthermore, a single-CD appears (CODC-1281 / 1020 yens).

August 1997:
In the #8 of the " Animerica " it is located in an article on page 61 the hint that also a " Cutey Honey"-movie should be shown beside much other movies in Japan this summer, in fact on the " TOEI Anime Fair ", formerly " TOEI Manga festival ". As another film "Hell Teacher Nube " should be shown there.
[New: Information about the Movie! ]

September 1997:
In the #9 of the " Animerica " is a report about the jap. guests on the " Anime Expo ' 97 ". A guest was Mrs. Miho Shimogasa (" animation director " of Sailormoon).
This text is located under the comments to an interview with her:
"On revising Go Nagai's classic Cutey Honey for the new TV show Cutey Honey Flash:
I'd auditioned and got accepted for the job. For them, it was the Mitsuteru Yokoyama characters [as Shimogasa had done work on Giant Robo- Ed.], and for me it was Go Nagai characters, but in talking with Mr. Nagai he said I could do whatever I thought was right. For Cutey Honey herself, there were a lot of merchandising considerations, so I wasn't able to alter the main character too much, but for the villains, I could take any character from Go Nagai's work and arrange them any way I wanted. For example. I have villains appear from Mazinger Z and Devilman. There is going to be a villain who is a fusion of "Dr. Hell" from Mazinger Z and "Count Broken", and also ther will be "Count Gorgon" from Mazinger Z. But since this is Cutey Honey , they will all be arranged into their female versions. [Laughs]
Comment: Two b/w-pictures of Cutey Honey and Honey Kisaragi are right beside the article.

October 1997:
- The beginning of the TV-episodes is moved up by 7 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.
- The second Manga-graphic novel appears. (Price: 410 yens, ISBN,: 4-09-137182-5)

November 1997:
Also a CHF-calendar is among the Anime-calendars for 1998, which appear in large numbers.
Size: 60x42 cm, six calendar-leaves + title-leaf, price: 1365 yens

December 1997/January 1998:
After the CHF-eps., an advertisement is transmitted in which the CHF-Movie appears for sale on LD and on video. Only the video-cassettes are shown in the advertisement itself.
[New: Information about the Movie! ]

In the jap. television runs the 39. and last CHF-episode.

February 1998:
The third Manga-graphic novel appears.
(Price: 410 yens, ISBN,: 4-09-137183-3)

On ARTE (german TV-station), a "Manga-evening" is shown in the time of 9.45 p.m. until approximately 1 a.m. In one of the numerous reports, one reports also about the studio TOEI. In this report you can see excerpts from the CHF-Movie! (But without comment.)
In another report (about Tokyo), one is able to identify a cinema-poster with also Honey Kisaragi and Cutey Honey.

Middle of March 1998:
In the April-edition of the " Newtype " is on page 142 an ad of an Anime-shop. There, also a CHF-picture is portrayed with hint on a LD. It is the first LD of the TV-series
/Vol.1, appearance-day,: 21.3.98, price,: 5775 yens.

End of March 1998:
Appearance-data of more LDs are named on a Homepage. Vol.2 should appear at the 21.4.98, Vol.3 at the 21.5.98
There were also these pictures of the Cover of the first and second LD:

ldvol1.gif - 8,05 K ld-vol2.gif - 7,39 K

Beginning of April 1998:
By the US-anime-shop UCI the first Cutey Honey F-LD is offered:
" Cutey honey F Vol. 1--clv--93 min--$56.00--comes with collector's box "

May 1998:
- The fourth Manga-graphic novel appears (price: 410 yens, ISBN: 4-09-137184-1)
- At the 21.5. the third LD of Cutey Honey F appears
- On a Homepage it is located a hint that the CHF-TV-series is aired in Japan as a repetition. Since nowhere a confirmation could be found, it is classified as rumor. Besides, so many new Anime-series run in Japan at present that there should be no time slot for a series which run lately there.
Addendum: And as expected there was the confirmation from Japan that at present (May 1998) the CHF-series is not shown again. (BTW: Sailormoon has *never* be shown in Japan again...)
- On the MinamiCon 4 in England (22.-24.5.) besides much other Animes also Cutey Honey Flash 1+2 (without subtitles) is shown. (Still no fansubs of CHF are available.)

June 1998:
- Beginning of June (or was it end of May?) the edition 4 of the FUNime appears, the membership-magazine of the german club " Anime no tomodachi " . There is also an article from me about the CHF-Serie.
=> Text of the article in the FUNime No. 4 (June/July 1998)
- At the 21.6. appears the fourth LD of Cutey Honey F. The price is still 5775 yens.

July 1998:
- At the 21.7. the fifth CHF-LD is released. Same price as usual.

August 1998:
- In the lists of the new LD-releases in Japan there is no CHF-LD at the date "21.08." Very strange... I will check it out.

September 1998:
- on the 21.9. the 7th CHF-LD is released (Price as usual). Therefore the 6th LD must have been released on 21. August. - In the UCI-Newsletter (from 2.9.) the 6th CHF-LD is offered, with box:
"cutey honey f vol 6--lstd 01470--clv--93 mins.--56.00 comes w/collector's box to house discs 6-10"

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