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Like many TV-series also Cutey Honey F doesn't exist as a TV-series alone but there's also a corresponding Manga-series and much other more, like for example CDs, calendars, dolls, toy etc (apart from CDs and Mangas all other is marked as "Merchandise"-article).

The money for the TV-series comes from the main-sponsor " Bandai ", the big jap. game-merchandise-manufacturers. That also means that the series should help to sell dolls, toy and much other. There are usually three advertising-blocks within TV-series and also within Cutey Honey F. One after the opening, one in the middle and one before the ending. Advertisement is done regularly in it for Cutey Honey Flash-articles. (Some of the represented articles looks however very corny and cheaply! One thinks only of the speaking bear or of the " great " Cutey-Honey-rapier made out of real plastic...)

Here, an overview follows over many of the Cutey Honey - articles:

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cutiehoney.gif - 25,20 K First, I must mention (even if reluctantly) the Manga " Cutie (!) Honey " . It comes from the Cutey Honey-creator Go Nagai personally. There are at least two graphic novels. The first volume has appeared in June 1995.
It is an extremely brutal and partially pornographic Manga, that represents the basis for the Cutey Honey-TV-Serie however unequivocally. The story is nearly identical. Cutey Honey fights against the panther claws and especially against Sister Jill. Also the detective Seiji(?) and the grandpa are with her. The boarding school, Natsuko or other students don't occur, since Honey is no schoolgirl in this Manga.

The Manga is very weak from the sign-quality. The style works cheaply and all characters look very clumsy. There are a few scans for a demonstration here:
Scan 1: Cutey Honey, Honey Kisaragi and five transformations
Scan 2: Sister Jill before her subordinates
Scan 3: Sister Jill orders an attack on Cutey Honey. She uses the Honey-Boomerang.
Scan 4: Seiji and the grandpa have a small discussion...

The Manga is available incidentally since December 1997 in singles-issues ($2,95) from studio Ironcat (USA), also under the title " Cutie Honey ". Because of the bad quality, I advice against ordering issues of this series!

The Manga of the TV-series:

chf-manga1b.jpg - 36,47 K On the basis of the TV-history appeared also Manga-Stories regularly . Four graphic novels have already appeared in Japan until now.

Titles: Cutey Honey F
Drawer: Yukako Iisaka
(More Manga-series of her:
" Battlegirl Ai ", " Gakuen Kaitou Triangle ", " Wakaba Hanafubuki ",
" Jewel Quest ", " Vamp ni Barabara ".)
Publisher: Flower comics
Price: 410 yen
1. novel: June 1997
2. novel: October 1997 [scan of the cover]
3. novel: February 1998 [scan of the cover]
4. novel: May 1998 [scan of the cover]

picture book:

That the target group of Cutey Honey Flash is quite young, proves also the fact , that there exists picture books to the series. These consist only of fat cardboards (insensitively) and looks rather poorly. This is underscored by it that it is about very bad drawings, that come from Yukako Iisaka by no means. It is especially remarkable that the Katakana-signs are expounded in the book with Hiragana-signs (!!), what is the case with Kanji-signs normally if at all.
From the sorry effort, there are at least two volumes. A volume costs 390 yen. And (if it should interest somebody however) here is a scan of the cover of volume 2.
And who still isn't gone, may also look at a Scan of the cover of volume 1.

On the rear of volume 2 is done propaganda for another CHF-book. The title is " Cutey Honey F suteki na himitsu buuku " (= " the great Cutey Honey F- Secret-Book "). Price: 660 yen [ scan of the cover]


flash-doujinshi.jpg - 38,92 K To the new Cutey Honey F-Serie, there is also already Doujinshi (Fan-Manga), presumably predominantly " adult-stuff ".

Another CHF-Doujinshi was introduced in the edition of the jap. magazine "Animedia" of March 1998 together with many other books. Title: " Prime Cute ", 32 sides, 500 yen.

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As with all knowner anime-series a CHF-calendar for 1998 appeared. It contains six leaves, one for two months. (size = 60x42cm)
The single pictures are beautiful outstanding and partially dreamily! And the obligatory swimsuit-picture is there also....
Here is the title-leaf with Honey as " Hyper Honey " and the six standard-transformations + Honey Kisaragi:

CHF-Calendar-title.jpg - 52,08 K
And the first two calendar-leaves are here (January/February and March/April):
CHF98-1mini.jpg - 41,72 K CHF98-2mini.jpg - 44,10 K

Here, it continues with part 2

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