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[last update: 30.06.98]

Cutey Honey F
An outstanding Cutey Honey Flash-page with dependable information, with Honey-News, with many (and partially very big!!) video-files and with sound-files of the Cutey Honey-CDs.
(Comment: The side has changed the address in the last months many times and also (partially) its content.) I try to show the current address here all the time.

Honey page
Another great CHF-page with many info, Scans of Trading Cards, Screenshots etc
Very interesting design.

What's Cutey Honey F?
The official side in Japan of TV Asahi and Toei animation about the series (astonishing, that this side still exists.)

Namiko and Nekocha's Cutey Honey Flash image Gallery!!!
A somewhat unclear side with some pictures.
(Comment: Cutey Honey has no blond hair but red. Honey Kisaragi is meant. And the picture with the remark " My Favorite Character " doesn't show Honey Kisaragi from CHF but Honey from the Cutey Honey-OVA-series.)

Honey chan / personnel WBS Home page
A very red Webpage of a (female) Cutey Honey-fan with pictures from both. There are also some pictures from Cutey Honey Flash

Magical Girl Cutey Honey!
The side about the Cutey Honey F-Serie on Emily's Magical Girl-Page. Beautifully to look at. It is worthwhile a visit at the main-side in any case also. There are interesting info to nearly all Magical Girl-series.

Cosplay city - Cutey Honey
A big side about Cutey Honey, which names itself the official Cutey Honey-Page in the internet. From there is steered the Cutey Honey-MailingList also. And there are a few information about Cutey Honey Flash, under the category " Saint Chapel Academy ".

Sailor Frankie's Cutey Honey Flash page!!
A beautiful side...not! The colors are for eye-sick persons and the text brings each teacher to tears because of the many mistakes. Especially the words "point", "comma" and "paragraph" seem to be completely unknown.
[Please don't tell me about the mistakes on this page here, because it's only the translation of the german text, where you will find no mistakes :-) ]
But the Verbrech... ugh ...Verfasser [pun on the similar german words for "criminal" and "author" :-) ] of this side has seen apparently much CHF-episodes and has understood also more than I, presumably because of better Japanese-knowledge. Therefore exists (well hidden) some interesting info in this side.

The author of that seems to have another CHF-Webpage:
This side is even more excruciating from the color and the construction!! I could only read the text, when I saved the data as a txt. -file and has read the pure text! How the two sides are connected I know not yet and maybe I want it (out of consideration for my eyes) also don't know...

Lady Andromeda's Galactic Court - Cutey Honey Flash: Ai no hikari o motsu otome Cutey Honey!!
A Webpage from Spain, but with English translation. There is nice information, especially about the CHF-Manga and nice pictures.

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