Cutey Honey Sound-archive

Now here are also video-files:

chf-op.jpg - 3,10 K 1. Cutey-Honey-Flash-Opening:
Opening of the series, length: 1 min 50 sec
The source was the CHF-movie (because of that there are the black bars). I have the movie in better quality than the tapes with the recording from japanese TV. The CHF-fansubs have much better quality, but it was impossible to capture the pictures with my video-card.
The movie-opening is exactly like the tv-opening since episode 14. There are two versions:

a) CHF-Opening (DivX) 10,8 MB
Attention: you need the divx-codecs!

b) CHF-Opening (Intel) 8 MB
This can be played with a "normal" avi-player.

chf-werbung.jpg - 3,76 K 2. tv-ad for CHF-merchandise:
This japanese advertisement (with a girl dressed up as Cutey Honey) was shown before or after a lot of CHF-episodes. CHF-Werbeclip 3,4 MB.

New! The german opening- and ending-song of "Cutey Honey" (SAT 1)
mp3-specifications: 128 KB/sec, 44.000 hz, 16 bit, stereo

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Cutey Honey-Opening (german)
1,6 MB

Cutey Honey-Ending-Song (german)
1,3 MB

Here are the german song-texts.

mp2-specification: 8 bits, mono, sample installment 44100, Layer II, 64 K-bits/secs.

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Cutey Honey-Opening-Song
The great title-song of the series (size: 733 KB)

Honey Flash!
Honey lists her prior roles in the episode before the final battle once again, here in episode 5. This time with " Ballerina-Honey " and " Roller-Honey ". The transformation in Cutey Honey takes place after it with the saying "Honey Flash!". Followed by the standard-saying:
" Ai no hikari o motsu otome - Cutey Honey! Anata no jinsei kawaru wa yo! " (Size: 287 KB)

Honey Lightning Flare!
And here a peculiarity from episode 5, into which Honey puts her two arms shortly consecutively. First the " Honey boomerang! " and then the deadly attack " Honey Lightning Flare! ". The one is a boomerang, that starts from her wrist, the other an attack with the sword. (Size: 255 KB)

Cutey Honey-Ending-Song
The dreamily beautiful ending-melody. (Size: 673 KB)

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